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West Bengal Transport Corporation Limited
(Erstwhile The Calcutta Tramways company (1978) Ltd.)


Feb 24, 1873 First Tram runs in Kolkata (Horse drawn) from Sealdah -Armenian Ghat 3.9 km.

Nov 20, 1873 Discontinued.

Nov 1880 Tram Service restarts with metre Gauge Tram in the route Sealdah-Bowbazar- Dalhousie- Armenian Ghat with Horse drawn Trams.

Dec 20 1880 The company CTC formed and registered in London.

1882 Steam Engine driven Trams introduced.

1900 Electricity powered trams introduced in Kolkata taking power from own power station at Nonapukur.

1905 Electricity powered trams introduced in Howrah.

1922 Bus operation started. Discontinued later.

1927 Own Power station at Nonapukur closed down. Power taken from CESC then onwards.

1943 Linked with Howrah on 10.02.43.Total track length spreading over Kolkata & Howrah at that time was 68 km.

1952 State Govt. formed an act giving 15 yrs time to take over the management

1960 CTC had a fleet of 450 tram cars.

1967 CTC British management flees without paying salaries. Govt. takes over the responsibility.

1969 Total track length was 70.74 km (excluding depot & termini)

1970-71 Howrah section closed (Bandhaghat-25.10.1970 & Shibpur 05.12.1971)

May-1973 Nimtala Ghat route closed on 07.05.1973. The route length was 62.09 km

1974 Behala Loop was added on 08.8.1971) & Ballygunj loop was added on 23.11.74

1976 Ordinance passed taking over all assets of CTC Howrah loop was added on 03.01.1976.

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1978 Act passed and Govt took over Tram tracks from Bhowanipur to Birla Planetorium was removed on 01.12.1978.

1979 A loop at Birla Planetorium was added on  04.7.1979.

1981 Bowbazar- Sealdah route was closed on 31.3.1981. Armherst St & Mirzapur St. routes were added on 01.4.1981 Tram routes along Bentinck St from Esplanade to Lalbazar were discontinued on 13.9.1981.

1982 World Bank Loan 80 Tram Cars inducted. Steel body Tram introduced.

1985 Manicktala to Ultadanga  route was added on 17.4.1985

1986 Behala to Joka route was added on 31.12.1986

1992 Esplanade to Birla Planetorium loop was closed on 03.5.1992

Nov-1992 Bus service re-introduced with 40 Buses

1994 Howrah Bridge & HWH Station loop was closed on 20.3.1994

2003 Subtraction of  tram lines from Gariahat depot to Gariahat Jn. 15.07.2003 Subtraction of Behala to Mominpur Subtraction of tram lines encircling BBD Bag Laldighi

2008 New look  polycarbonate sheet fixed tram introduced.

25.5.2011 Behala – Joka route closed. Total route length was 57.17 km.

2013 Introduction of AC Tram.

2014 Inauguration of Exhibition Tram- “ Smaranika”