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West Bengal Transport Corporation Limited
(Erstwhile The Calcutta Tramways company (1978) Ltd.)


If one thinks of the best way of crawling past the madding crowd with ease & afford the luxury of railcars, then no better option than trams would come to one’s mind. Analysing the pros & cons of travelling in the trams, the commuters would find it very hard to locate the negative aspects of Tram travelling. However of late, if one feels that the tramcars have lost much of its hype, sheer and luxury, then he /she is undoubtedly wrong. Although it is true that their numbers have drastically come down in the era of luxorious cabs and bikes, still then kolkata tram has managed to brave the odds and thrive in the kolkatan roads with its same old promise of safe, luxurious and easy going life style. Now shedding some light into the advantages of kolkatan tramways, we find the following advantageous shades: –

  • Trams provide greater passenger capacity of 300 persons as compared to only 60 in buses.
  • Trams are quite friendly for children, ladies & elderly person with great comfort & ease to board in its low platform.
  • These sturdy trams are very disciplined, since they runs on tracks & also provide utmost safety.
  • No doubt trams are user friendly & provide a healthy atmosphere for the commuters.
  • Tram can be regarded as the cheapest mode of transport since its inception. As a result of which it suits the pockets of the lower sections.
  • Trams are undoubtedly pollution free & environment friendly. In this polluted city, trams provide the ultimate healthy travel for young & old.
  • Trams are also considered as the transport for poor. When one looks for a peaceful, comfortable, luxorious, cheapest & healthy drive across the city, there is no better option than kolkatan tramways.