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West Bengal Transport Corporation Limited
(Erstwhile The Calcutta Tramways company (1978) Ltd.)



If the Howrah bridges, Victoria Memorials of this 300 years old Charnock’s city reveal the rich historical past and grandeur then can the trams which are christened as the ‘lifelines of the city’ be left behind ? certainly not . Ever since the first tram which rolled out in the tracks way back in Feb 24th 1873 this sturdy built electrically driven carriage has gone through the wears & tears with the ravages of time, carving out our golden phases of history. Braving out the illustrious moments of our Indian freedom struggle, World wars, Kolkata tram had come a long way and still its wheel continue to pave its way as a rail witness of the present era and hopefully for the future too. Having nurtured the rich heritage of this city of joy, kolkatan tramway has itself turned into an unique heritage of its own with a different essence.

Down the memory lane, when the tram made its maiden journey from Sealdah to Armenian ghat, It left everyone spell bounded. In course of time, the trams has gone through vast modernisations but still it has rolled down the tracks like the tickings of Bigben. Having witnessed our glorious past in the rails, this tireless heritage has itself unfurled another golden chapter in our historical book. No doubt Kolkatan tram can be designated as a priceless pride having served as a rail witness from the era of Governor generals,maharajas to our present Kolkata & without which the Kolkatan history would remain incomplete. Kolkata Tramways-‘ wheels that writes & sights our glorious past, present & our future too’