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West Bengal Transport Corporation Limited
(Erstwhile The Calcutta Tramways company (1978) Ltd.)


Law and claims officer SPIO
Tridib Kumar Manna
CAO Incharge Appellate Authority
Debangshu Mazumder
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Amended Standing Orders
Certificate of Incorporation WBTCL
CTC Undertaking Act 1976
Departmental Letter on Leave Rule
Incorporation CTC
Labour Department (Notification)
Pension Gazette
Pension Go (No-8203) a
Pl Days Enhancement From 240 To 300
Promotion Policy
Provident Fund Act, 1925
Record Management order
Revision of Pay 2016
Revision of pay and allowances 2009
Revision of pay and allowances 1999
Rules & Regulations (Provident Fund 1941)
Writers Building (Notification) No-144 on Labour issues
Memo No-531 ROPA PENSION 2019
Memo No-532 ROPA PENSION 2019
Memorandum and Articles of Association
PENSION GO(no-8203)