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Suspension of Tram Services

All Tram Services from Gariahat Depot and Park Circus Depot (already suspended) will remain suspended till next two months (expected) for construction of fly over near 7 point crossing. To provide an alternative, Tram Services of Route No. 21, 22/25 & 26 would be operated from Nonapukur. This will be effective from 12.7.2015

Suspension of Tram Services

As per administrative decision, the tram services to & fro Bidhannagar terminus in route nos. 17 & 26/17 are required to be suspended w.e.f. the night hours on 04-07- primarily for  25 days

Suspension of Tram Services from 24.04.2015

Tram services from Park Circus Depot will be suspended with effect from 24.04.15 for contraction work of Parama Flyover as per request of KMDA. Expected period of suspension is nine months.
Routes affected : 20,21 & 22
Alternative services originating from Gariahat Tram depot through Park Circus Seven Point crossing would be available for the meanwhile.



Witnessing the history on wheels

ctc1 It was not only Bengal’s battle of Plassey which jerked the whole nation but also it was the Tram which made the Kolkatans dumbfounded.Ever since the first Horse drawn Tram carriages hit the rails,a new era of history was created.Amidst lot of hurdles,barriers,& setbacks,this tireless gentleman has stood firmly tall witnessing the golden decades of our history through its wheels.Infact Tram can be considered as one aspect which gives the city a charm of publicity.Series of transformations & renovations from horses to electricity has never deprived the Tram of its luxorious,easy going lifestyle profitably status.Tied with an ecofriendly tag ,Tram has never seemed shabby & sluggish meandering smoothly through the lush greens,madding crowds & the jammed traffics.Kolkatan Tram has unheralded a new chapter in the transport sector where the euphoria of the younger ones has changed to aversion and ridicule as he grew up older.

Although Kolkatan tram has entered into its 3rd century,yet it has been able to maintain its much touted hype,sheer & still attracts people to have a smooth silk glide on it’s carriages.Tramcars evoke poetry which often remains incomprehensible in words.

Really indeed, Tram lends Kolkata an old world charm and add to the romantic element to the city.This slow moving ,electrical reptile in narrow and crowded streets completes the ultimate attraction of the city .Having glided down the rails as a historian witness,Tram has itself been turned into an immemorial heritage for which the whole Kolkatans will be proud of.